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Over my Birthday week.   Birthday eve to be exact (25 July) we were visiting Steph’s family cottage in Macatawa Mi for the week.  Taylor and I were going for a ride in the bus down US31.  Just south of the Saugatuk exit I noticed that the engine lost power.  Taylor mentioned he smelled gas.  We pulled over and I saw that the engine was on fire!  I grabbed the fire extinguisher, which didn’t work.  A Spartan truck  pulled up and gave Taylor an extinguisher and he put out the fire.

State Farm was very helpful.  they totaled the bus and offered me $12,151.00.  I bought the bus back for $2500 and still have $9600 for repairs.  From the initial look, it appears that only the distributor and coil are melted along with the hoses.  There was still power to the ignition and the motor still turns.  I’m thinking with an engine rebuild and some body work, Ill be back in business with funds left over for other projects.


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Buses by the Beach

We went to our 2nd buses by the beach campout over memorial day weekend.  For the most part it was a good time, but I got sick and the boys got flooded by rain.  So we left on Sunday.  Hoping for a better trip next year.

Taylor had a guitar playing contest with another camper.  They both did a good job and it ended in a tie.

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