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Solex Stock Carb Jets

In the quest to get better mileage, still 14mpg, I’m looking for solutions. One thing I can do is decrease the size of the main jet so the engine doesn’t run so rich. I’m thinking I have a 130, so I should use a 127.5. I also wanted to see what was originally in the carb. Yes, I know I can take the carb off and look, but with me in Chicago and Kermit in Mi, it’s rather hard. I found this list….

Stock Solex Jets

28 PCI... with removable Venture… Venturi =21.5 mm… Main Jet = 117.5/122.5… Air correction jet =180/200…Pilot jet = g50… Idle air jet drilling = 0.8… Power fuel jet = no…Emulsion tube = 29

28PICT-1… 1961-1965.…Venturi = 22.5 mm… Main Jet =122.5… Air correction jet=125z/130Y
Pilot jet =g55… Acc pump jet = .50…Idle air jet drilling = 150… Power fuel jet=1.0mm
Accelerator pump feed = 1.1-1.4cc/stroke…First year of Automatic choke.

30 PICT-1… 1966-1967…Venturi = 24.0 mm… Main Jet = 125… Air correction jet =125z/135z
Pilot jet = g55… Idle air jet drilling = 150… Acc pump jet = 50…Power fuel jet = __
Accelerator pump feed = 1.1-1.6cc/stroke…Larger Venturi

30 PICT-2…1968-1969…Venturi = 24.0 mm… Main Jet = 116/125… Air correction jet =125z/135z
Pilot jet = g55… Idle air jet drilling = 130/135…Acc. pump jet = 50… Power fuel jet =60
Accelerator pump feed = 1.3-1.6cc/stroke…First year for Power fuel system which draws
fuel directly from the float chamber under full load at high Speed.

30 PICT-3…1970…Venturi = 24.0 mm… Main Jet = 122.5/112… Air correction jet = 125z
Pilot jet=65… Pilot jet air bleed = 135…Acc. pump jet = 42.5… Auxiliary fuel jet = 45
Auxiliary air jet =130…Accelerator pump feed = 1.3-1.6cc/stroke…Idle speed is controlled
by bypass around the throttle plate.

34 PICT-3...1971-1974… Venturi = 26 mm… Main Jet = 127.5/130… Air correction jet = 75z /80z
Pilot jet =g50/55… Pilot jet air bleed = 147.5…Acc. pump jet = 42.5… Auxiliary fuel jet
=42.5/47.5… Auxiliary air jet = 90…Accelerator pump feed = 1.3-1.6cc/stroke…Larger

34 PICT-4…1974 (Calif.)…Venturi = 26 mm… Main Jet = 112.5 to 130… Air correction jet = 75z…
Pilot jet =55 to 60… Pilot jet air bleed = 147.5… Acc. pump jet = 42.5…Aux. fuel jet
=42.5… Auxiliary air jet = 90…Accelerator pump feed = 1.1-1.7cc/stroke

Float weight 1961-1967 = 5.7 grams and 1968-1974 = 8.5 grams

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Bed Issues

It seems like the back of the of the bed slopes and I couldn’t understand why.  Now I think that it might not have been assembled correctly.  You see, the back of the seat should rest on this part here….. one on each side.

Mine doesn’t reach, so that is the next project over the weekend of the 23rd.  It would be nice to get that fixed before the Cowpie Blues Festival.  Which is the next outing.

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Changing the Oil

I needed to change the oil in the bus before the next trip, so I did some research on who used what oil and why.  What I discovered is that the government has made the motor oil producers to eliminate the Zinc and Phosphorus used to assist in extending the life of the motor.  This was done to extend the life of the catalytic converter.  Newer motors are now built so these materials are no longer necessary in the oil, but what is a person with a 30 to 40 year old motor to do?  What I learned is that there are a couple of choices.  One is to purchase ZZDP additive, or buy Brad Penn Oil.  This is the old Kendal 1 oil according to the man at Knapp Energy in Kalamazoo, where I purchased the oil.  Brad Penn was the consensus choice too.  I used 20W-50 in the bus because I noticed that when the engine was hot the oil light came on at idle.  The thicker oil took care of that issue.

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How to change the Generator Belt

This guy is nutz!  Although it is kinda cool.  I might be silly enough to try that.

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Timing Correct…almost

I recieved the new vacuum can yesterday and put it ont he distributor today.  It didn’t really fir as well as the 851, but it does fit.  I got everything installed and the timing will advance,  I only set it to 23 degrees at 3200 rpm.  Old Volks says 22-25 at 3800 RPM, so Ill check it next week when I tune it up.  I wanted to do it today but the rain got int he way.  I have some interior work to do too, which I’m not happy about.  The three screws holding the Z bed together pulled out along with two of my cabinet doors.  Poor quality workmanship. I know it was a rush job and that pisses me off too.  ALWAYS CONDUCT YOUR OWN BUSINESS . . .   then this would not have happened.


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Dixie Bus

We finally made it to our first sanctioned bus event!  Dixie bus in Mt Vernon OH.  We stayed at the Rustic Knolls campground with 38 other buses.  It was a beautiful campground.  We even had water and electric hookup.


The trip down was rather exciting, 12 hrs in all.  Of course we were not without problems.  Right before we got to Ft. Wayne the oil light came on when we slowed to a stop light.  Of course I was paranoid.  This was the same thing the other motor did before it seized.  We stopped for a while to let it cool.  This had not happened on any other trip before, so I began thinking and the only thing I could think of is that Alex put the rong weight oil in when I changed it.  Not his fault either.  I didn’t specify.  We found a Wal-Mart and changed it to 30 weight.  The guy put locktight on the oil plug, which I wasn’t happy about.  The Oil didn’t work. It got hot again, so I felt if we could make it to our destination, I could get the help I needed.  I followed some others to the swap meet and Kermit began to over heat again and lose power.  I pulled over to give him a rest.  The fellow I was following gave me a thumbs and and I returned a thumbs down.  Before I could get out of the bus, Rick was looking at the motor.  He said the engine wasn’t hot just the cylinders and we were only 10 minutes away.  When we got to the show he mentioned a couple of things.

  • My fuel filter in the engine compartment was a disaster waiting to happen and that I should get a piece of fuel line and put the filter under the bus where it belongs.
  • Get a bigger jet for the carb. Since this is a bug motor, I may be jetted too small and that could cause the issue.

I did what I was told and spent $5.00.  I took the fuel filter out before we came back home.  The top was melted and compressed causing a fuel constriction.  This could have been the disaster if the pressure disconnected the fuel line.  It was hard to get to the jet so that will be chcked and replaced another time. Before we left on Sunday, I set the timing, which was a few degrees off and once again Rick came over to look over my shoulder.  Once I had it set he increased the RPM and noticed that I was not getting any advance.  Damn.  Cant fix that there.  So we slowly made it to Michigan to spend the night in Athens.  A storm was beginning to brew and we made it about 3 miles east of town and one of the bins blew off the bus.  The only thing we lost was the lantern that I melted on Friday…..  Needless to say I was a little distraught by the time we arrived Friday evening.  We got up early on Monday and drove 45mph all the way to Chicago.  Never overheated.  I pushed it a little to almost 60 in the city and still nothing.  It was somewhat cooler, but not significantly.  I found a new vacuum can on the samba.  I pulled the distributor today to see if a cleaning would help, but I think the can is shot.  The ground cable to the points is about shot too.  I should get the can next week and Ill out him back together and see if I can get it running.  Then I throw in a tuneup for the Bean Blossom Festival.

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Things to do in the Spring or Things to Buy in the Winter

Two postings in one day!?  Well I want to keep these posts seperate.  I will keep adding to this post throughout the winter as I find more information on my projects. Other that the motor rebuild, which I’m not confident will be done this winter, I want to fix the turn signals and the heat!

So first the heat.  I need some flexable heat tubes, cables, and a heater pipe. Mine is made from PVC.  Not so good that is a good idea to have since it can cause cancer.  I need to look a little closer at it.  I did find a place that will make one called Klassic Fab in South Florida. Ill keep looking too.  I want to go down to Wadsworth’s to see if he has any old busses in the junk yard I can find parts from too.

Next the windows.  The air was coming from the back that blew out the plastic.  I’ll have dad take a look, but I think the will need new mechanics.  Looks like Dyer’s RV may have some I can use.  Il have to check wht I have next time I get back to Michigan, now that I have my sporty new Nikon P80!

turn signal switch . . .  I can”t think the wiring is bad cuz they worked before and I have not done anything to the wiring, so I’m thinking maybe it’s the switch.  I found one at eisparts What I liked is the picture that illustrates how the canceler is positioned.


I definatley need a roof rack.  If I could get the stuff out of the back of the bus, I might be able to see out of the back window!  Wolfsburg has a nice one for $344.56 shipped!


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