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We Made It!

We got into Battle Creek around 4:30PM on Saturday afternoon.  Didn’t do much except cruise around and go to The Office, my favorite watering hole in Athens.  Sunday was a pretty big day.  Clay, Taylor and I assembled the Roof Rack



While we were doing that Dad was working on the windshields.  I needed to change the drivers side because it leaks.  We found that the drivers side was the original glass and went in in about 20 min.

The Master

The Master

The pinch well was in very good shape I was very happy to see that.  We sealed the rubber between the body to ensure that it won’t leak.


This looks like a big mess, however it cleaned up very nicely with some mineral spirits.


The passenger side was a royal pain to change.  First of all it was not the original glass and was thicker than the original.  Finally after fighting the installation for most of the afternoon, we decided to take a 1/4 inch off the top of the glass, and it went right in bus.

Finally the trip back to Chicago.  We took M60 to Sturgis then took US 12 west all the way to Burns Harbor, In.  The speedo is ~ 7mph slow per my GPS.  I kept it around 50 MPH as the speedo read and Kermit ran real strong. Probably could have went faster, but there wasn’t a real need.  He did creep up to 55 mph but I backed off.  I got around 16mpg.  I would like to improve on that if I can.  I’ll have to look into what I can do.

We were slightly delayed due to a Memorial Day parade.  Fortunately, we found parking in a gas station and watched the parade.  The boyz had a great time chasing candy in the street.  At that point we got on the expressway to avoid the rougher neighborhoods and rolled right into Chicago.

Finally, I had to get this picture . . . .  Kermit at the faux Nuclear Power plant in Michigan City Indiana . . .  This cooling tower is actually for coal burning power plant.


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Try Again

Well I got a call and Kermit is ready to go.  I got a call from Dad and it was only $40.00 to fix the issue,  I was close, just a couple of wires were wrong.  I guess me and the boys will take the train home this weekend and bring him home! Pete told me that I needed a new wiper motor since it is a 6v motor.  I may just use it till it goes.  At least Ill have some wipers.  I need to adjust the valves next.  I wish I had gaskets so I could have someone show me how to do it.  Maybe I’ll try to do it and then take it to Stanley to check.  I’m still paranoid about blowing another motor.  I bought a tool on the Samba to make the job easier.


This will allow me to hold the feeler gauge and adjust the valve at the same time.  I also found a movie

Courtesy of Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine Shop

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Getting Ready for Summer

Well . . .  I thought I was going to bring Kermit back home today, but I just can’t get the electrical right.  I may have made matters worse 😦 .  I had everything working and the bus wouldn’t start.  DAMN . . . novoltage to the coil.  I saw the the coil wire the the ignition was not connected.  When I connected it . . . POOF. .  a little smoke.  I discovered that the coil wire from the coil was on the wrong fuse.  I corrected that and everything was fine… well except that when the lights are on, so are the brake lights…. of corse no break lights and the right turn signal doesn’t work.  With the lights off the right signal in the rear is realy the flashers . . .  Dragola . . .  BUT.  I did find a guy in Coldwater that has experience in VW electrical work, so I left the bus with him.  The good thing though is when I did take him out, he ran strong at 50 / 55 mph (according to GPS).  The speedo cable broke so when the electrical is fixed, I’ll replace it.  Another positive note is that I got the wiper moter going.  Just tok it apart and worked the armature for a while, but when I connected the wires . . . POOF . . . Hopefully Pete will get me going again.

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