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Basement / Garage Fridge

Not even sure if this is for sale or not.  It was a facebook post.  I still want one!


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My Next Camping Grill

The Buseque is a cool grill from the UK, while it’s a little pricy ($400), I still have to have one!


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Irish Hills

Had a great weekend camping!  Started off the trip on Thursday to get the bus all packed.  Found out my friend was playing at the Ball Joint in Battle Creek.  I’m not sure if I have heard ever him play with a valid ID….. man those were the days.  They sounded great and it was a real treat for me to see them.

Jim "Mouse" Klein

Friday we went to the Irish hills camping to a place called the Jado campground, which is a few miles east of the Michigan International Speedway. We had about 20 buses total which I understand was more than last year.  I heard about the event via flyer at the Buses by the Beach.

There were some folks there I met from the Dixie Bus event last year, which was very cool.  I’m beginning to see how a close community that us bus folks are!  They are the head of the Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Club, who hosts the show in Ypsilanti that I have wanted to attend.  Of course, I met many new folks as well.  It wasn’t long before the boys were part of a crew.  They spent the weekend at the marsh trying to catch frogs.  On Saturday the worlds largest slip and slide was erected for young and old alike to enjoy.  My back has been feeling pretty good lately, so I stood my some other folks, chatted with them and watched.

Saturday evening, we had popcorn, hotdogs, meat balls, a nice fire and band to entertain us. The guys traded off playing so we had music from about 5pm till dark.  One of the hosts was a long distance coach of the musicians, so they were willing to play for donation.

Sunday we had a community breakfast.  I was making blueberry cobbler, which I promptly burned.  At least some folks there knew I could actually make it.  Need to learn to cook over the fire.  I used charcoal last time.  It rained on breakfast, but that didn’t damped out spirits  we moved to cover and enjoyed the morning.  Can’t wait for the next trip!

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Dixie Bus

We finally made it to our first sanctioned bus event!  Dixie bus in Mt Vernon OH.  We stayed at the Rustic Knolls campground with 38 other buses.  It was a beautiful campground.  We even had water and electric hookup.


The trip down was rather exciting, 12 hrs in all.  Of course we were not without problems.  Right before we got to Ft. Wayne the oil light came on when we slowed to a stop light.  Of course I was paranoid.  This was the same thing the other motor did before it seized.  We stopped for a while to let it cool.  This had not happened on any other trip before, so I began thinking and the only thing I could think of is that Alex put the rong weight oil in when I changed it.  Not his fault either.  I didn’t specify.  We found a Wal-Mart and changed it to 30 weight.  The guy put locktight on the oil plug, which I wasn’t happy about.  The Oil didn’t work. It got hot again, so I felt if we could make it to our destination, I could get the help I needed.  I followed some others to the swap meet and Kermit began to over heat again and lose power.  I pulled over to give him a rest.  The fellow I was following gave me a thumbs and and I returned a thumbs down.  Before I could get out of the bus, Rick was looking at the motor.  He said the engine wasn’t hot just the cylinders and we were only 10 minutes away.  When we got to the show he mentioned a couple of things.

  • My fuel filter in the engine compartment was a disaster waiting to happen and that I should get a piece of fuel line and put the filter under the bus where it belongs.
  • Get a bigger jet for the carb. Since this is a bug motor, I may be jetted too small and that could cause the issue.

I did what I was told and spent $5.00.  I took the fuel filter out before we came back home.  The top was melted and compressed causing a fuel constriction.  This could have been the disaster if the pressure disconnected the fuel line.  It was hard to get to the jet so that will be chcked and replaced another time. Before we left on Sunday, I set the timing, which was a few degrees off and once again Rick came over to look over my shoulder.  Once I had it set he increased the RPM and noticed that I was not getting any advance.  Damn.  Cant fix that there.  So we slowly made it to Michigan to spend the night in Athens.  A storm was beginning to brew and we made it about 3 miles east of town and one of the bins blew off the bus.  The only thing we lost was the lantern that I melted on Friday…..  Needless to say I was a little distraught by the time we arrived Friday evening.  We got up early on Monday and drove 45mph all the way to Chicago.  Never overheated.  I pushed it a little to almost 60 in the city and still nothing.  It was somewhat cooler, but not significantly.  I found a new vacuum can on the samba.  I pulled the distributor today to see if a cleaning would help, but I think the can is shot.  The ground cable to the points is about shot too.  I should get the can next week and Ill out him back together and see if I can get it running.  Then I throw in a tuneup for the Bean Blossom Festival.

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Another Snowy Day in Chicago

Another 3 to 5 inches today 😦 Maybe I’ll get to play with the snowblower later. Yesterday on the Vintage Bus list, we were discussing snow and Volkswagen adverts. I thought I’d share . . .  to bad they use salt here.  I would love to take this pic with Kermit!


So anyway it doesn’t look like this can be read so allow me:

A beautiful day to own a Volkswagen Station Wagon

On Monday January 24, 1966, an estimated 262,825,033.74 tons of snow fell upon the United States of America.  In Fraser Colorado, a VW Station Wagon that stood out for days in temperatures of 25 below, started up without a tremble.  In Scarsdale, a lonely VW was blazing a trail to the commuter station.  In Albany, a VW took 8 angry neighbors down to the local service station for 8 sets of chains.  In Moline, a VW woman was the first in line at the A&P Steak Sale.  Up in Boston, a group of college kids were finding our how many toboggans they could stuff into 170 cubic feet of VW space.  A Milwaukee junior hockey team won its game by default.  On Monday January 24, 1966 not too may Volkswagens were sold in the United States. . . . . . On Tuesday, things picked up.


How does a German snowplow driver get to work?


Will she start?

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The Flood . . . .

Can’t believe a week has passed since our first trip.  Things have been real busy this week and to top it off, we have six feet of water in our basement.  At first it was ok. The street had 2 ft of water but we didnt have anything in the basement, so we helped fill sandbags.  When we were done the basement was flooded.  I hope the good Karma of helping the neighborhood will comeback my way in the form of insurance money to cover some of the losses.

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25th Annual Chicago Blues Festival

This wasn’t a bus trip, but it is an annual outing for us.  Thursday was the best day in my opinion to attend the festival.  It started off rainy, so I didn’t take my camera, but by the time we got there is was 85 and humid!  So much for Spring.  The first band we went to see is what we thought was John Primer.  He is my personal favorite Chicago Bluesman, but he didn’t play.  the band we saw was very good Big Ray and Chicago’s Most Wanted.

The second band was very inspirational to me.  We had the honor to stay in a room he stayed and was named after him at the Shack Up Inn located in Clarksdale, MS.  For those who don’t know….. this is where the the crossroads are located that Robert Johnson sold his soul to be a great guitar player.  anyway . . . .  this man is a legend Pinetop Perkins.  He is 95 years old and still playing.  He only played 2 songs but it was a real treat to see him.  I did catch a photo with my phone, which is suppose is better than nothing.

Also playing in the band was harp player Willie “Big Eyes” Smith and on the bass was Bob Stroger And on Guitar was Bob Margolin, who co-wrote music and played with the late great Muddy Waters. was lucky enough to capture a photo of him.

By then it was dinner time and as we walked to the resturant, we walked by the Gibson Guitar bus, which Taylor imediatley had to check out.  He did get us a tour of the inside of the bus.  Very nice.  Many guitar’s, amps and keyboards.  I would not mind taking a road trip in that!  Of course he had to check out the guitars.  Here is a picture of him playing an Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul.

After dinner, Marilyn and the boyz went home, and  stayed for the head act.  Johnny Winter and James Cotton as usual he was phenomenal.  I think the last time I saw him is when I lived in Dallas.  He played inside the Petrillo Music Shell.  I got lucky and was able to get inside the shell, but never got a chair.  I just stayed one step of security and stood as close as I could.  All in all a great night of blues.

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Camp Cooking

This is something else I can’t wait to do. Not sure if I mentioned this before but I love sitting in the backyard smoking…… a slab of meat that is . . . What I would really like is something like this

Not sure how practical this would be on the back of a bus or even if the cost is is right, but it sure is cool. One thing I am going to learn is dutch oven cooking. I remember when I was a kid, we belonged to a club called the Damp Campers . . . what a dumb name it was nothing but a hex, but we still had a good time… anyway…. Mr. Smith used to make the best peach cobbler in the world in one of those things. I want to do the same. Dad said he still has one that we could have. All Ill need to do is get a tripod for other recipes. Well of course I got on the internet and did some searching and I found Byron’s Dutch Oven Recipes….. yes it was the first Google hit, but I like it cuz it’s it is a personal page and not some conglomo corporate page on dutch ovens. Finally what camp out would be complete without hobo pies. I love these as much as I did as a kid. I like the cast iron ones the best. I have seen the aluminum ones melt.

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Volkswagens and Sex

I read an article this morning over coffee by a Bob Hoover. From what I understand, he is well known in the VW circle as a VW mechanic since 1956. His blog has a lot of useful VW info as well as other good stuff. So what does this have to do with sex you ask? Well Bob wrote an article comparing owning a VW and having sex. He says that some people have sex for pure enjoyment and don’t want to change the shitty diapers afterwards. This is compared to the person who buys a bus and never performs the proper maintenance and sells the bus after a couple of years. The deep question is what kind of a bus owner are you? The one who wants a quickey good time, or are you in it for the long haul and committed to changing shitty diapers and do the maintenance and have years of service from your bus…….. We are in this for the long haul 🙂

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Bus Tunes

I wasn’t going to do this, I even set up a special category, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find the justification to do anything. I am speaking of bus music. It has been a long time since I have had an opportunity to have a car without any tunes. Needless to say I’m kinda excited. I’m sure my pockets aren’t nearly deep enough to support what I’ll pick out, but what the hell.

So back to the justification thing, I was the buses on E-bay and found an add for a ’67 microbus from cars20thcentury he has some pretty nice buses for auction. His E-bay ad even has an audio clip of him describing the bus.

One of the selling points of this bus is the stereo inside . . well well…

 The bus has the unit mounted into the dash. I suppose it is alright if it fit the stock opening, but my guess is that it didn’t. Too bad… anyway these are the components per Mr. Hair.

Soundstream Reference 200 and Reference 300 Amp Speakers are JL which consists of 2 12 inch woofers, 4 5.25 inch midrange and 4 1.5 inch tweeters. Not much said about the Speaker Box in back other than here it is. The head unit is some sort of a Pioneer and there is a 12 CD changer under the rear seats.

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