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Camp Cooking

This is something else I can’t wait to do. Not sure if I mentioned this before but I love sitting in the backyard smoking…… a slab of meat that is . . . What I would really like is something like this

Not sure how practical this would be on the back of a bus or even if the cost is is right, but it sure is cool. One thing I am going to learn is dutch oven cooking. I remember when I was a kid, we belonged to a club called the Damp Campers . . . what a dumb name it was nothing but a hex, but we still had a good time… anyway…. Mr. Smith used to make the best peach cobbler in the world in one of those things. I want to do the same. Dad said he still has one that we could have. All Ill need to do is get a tripod for other recipes. Well of course I got on the internet and did some searching and I found Byron’s Dutch Oven Recipes….. yes it was the first Google hit, but I like it cuz it’s it is a personal page and not some conglomo corporate page on dutch ovens. Finally what camp out would be complete without hobo pies. I love these as much as I did as a kid. I like the cast iron ones the best. I have seen the aluminum ones melt.

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Our First Planned Bus Event

We finally found our first sanctioned bus event to attend this year.  It is called Dixie Bus and it is held in Mount Vernon Ohio.  The Ohio Valley Tribe is sponsoring this event the date is Aug 7 to 10 at the Rustic Knolls Campground. This is a short run from Chicago only about 375 miles taking the secondary roads.  We have decided this is they way to go since folks drive 80 mph in Chicago.  There is also a music festival during the same time called the Daniel Decatur Emmett Music FestivalMr. Emmett wrote the classics Dixie, Old Dan Tucker, Blue Tail Fly and Turkey in the Straw. . .  and as you may have guessed….. he hailed from Mt. Vernon Ohio.

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Planned Activities

We have a few things planned for this year already. Unfortunately nothing with organized bus folks yet, but there is time. We have to juggle around baseball and football too. But that won’t slow us down too much. The first trip on the agenda is actually getting the bus. We hare considering a few alternatives. Driving down to pick up the bus and driving back, flying down and driving Kermit back, or either Marilyn or I flying down and driving back. Personally I would like to find the cheapest plan. This will allow more money to spend on family outings 🙂 . The maiden voyage will be to Michigan over the 4th of July. We will be meeting friends from Colorado and DC for a weekend on Lake Michigan. Then to Hartford Michigan to my cousin’s wedding. This will be the first time Kermit will meet the rest of the family. Then to Indiana over Labor Day weekend to the Bean Blossom Blues, Brew, and BBQ festival in Nashville. I have wanted to go this for a couple of years. This year they have added the BREW and BBQ to the event.

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Been Too Long

I can’t believe it has been so long since I have written anything here. The main reason is I’m still having computer issues. I have had to breakdown an buy another, however I won’t have it till Memorial Day. I can save $70.00 having it sent to Michigan. Chicago is getting a little out of hand with the sales tax. Anyway we did find some lights in Michigan over Easter in White Pigeon Michigan @ Bontragers. We got a pretty good deal at $20.00 for the pair. They are a RV surplus store. We thought it was worth the ride even in the blizzard conditions we traveled.

Woody has begun on the bus. We sent him the sample of the flooring and he said he was going to get the vinyl for the seats. Guess we better get these lights to him soon!

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