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End of the Semester!

Mad Moon StampingWell, while Timmy is in the throes of the “End of the Semester Blues” I thought I might pen a post for you:) We are still holding our breath for the bus delivery schedule, it is so exciting! We can’t wait to just step inside and feel it. My idea was we could eat dinner in it the first nite it came home. Wouldn’t it be so cool to light some candles, have a bottle of wine and a groovy pasta gorgonzola?

I am just itching to take a trip in that bus! Anywhear! The Jewel would be fine, I just want to drive it, how does it shift, stop, accelerate? What does the horn sound like? Will we ever have windsheild wipers, or will we just keep a can of RainX on the dash?

We went home to visit Timmy’s folks & see my adorable niece Emmalee this weekend. On our way home, I was driving, and I conducted an experiment in the Vibe. What does it feel like to have your top speed be only 60mph? So, I tried that out on the toll road, much to all my fellow passenger’s dismay, haha! It felt weird! Like I was going in slow motion, that was when everyone in the car fell asleep, so there’s something…

As wrap this post up, the Carly Simon song for Heinz ketchup comes to mind: Anticipation! Remember that song?

So, while I patiently wait with fervent anticipation, I will practice “Be Here Now” to the nth degree:)

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Almost Done!

Well, the beginning has almost come to an end. In more ways than one 🙂 Woody called last week and said that they had a tornado close to the house. No damage thank God, but he suggested we get some insurance on the bus just in case. I did. He also said that Kermit will be ready for pick up in around three weeks! We are very excited about this. I suppose I need to see about getting down there. We decided since gas is over $4.00 gallon here, I would go by myself so we would have money left over for travel.

We also spoke about the final checklist to make sure we had everything done we wanted. Woody told us he picked out some laminate for the table and counter tops. Very strange . . . it was the same one Marilyn and I picked out, but we were not sure it would match. It is called Aqua boomerang and it is a 1960’s design that fits Kermit’s personality to a T.

Something else interesting came up last week. A person read our blog and asked if I would be interested in contributing a story for a book he is creating. He sent me a couple of samples of what he has received so far and it looks interesting. I believe I’ll write on the Beginning. Which will end once Kermit is here in his new home in Chicago.

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Dressing Kermit Up

There are a couple of accessories that we feel are a must for Kermit. The first is an awning. I remember the canvas ones that we had on our travel trailer when I was a kid that would leak and bow with too much water. Then we got a vinyl one that we could lower one arm during the rain and wash our hair under it. I don’t think we want something like that on Kermit, and I’m not sure I want a circus tent either…. but who knows Marilyn likes them and I may get out voted. Right now I see only nylon ones. I like these. They are light weight and will provide shade and some protection from light rain. The first one I found was from a place called The Bus Shelter. I like these because they have multiple holes around the out side of the nylon for different configurations. They are £110 which is ~$220 plus shipping.. . today. The way things are going it wil be $250 soon . . .

UPDATE: We received a shipping quote today . . . £60.00…. more than half the price of the awning. Although . . . Jane mentioned that I could get the adjustable poles here in the US and just get the awning material and accessories from them and possibly reduce the cost of the awning . . . .

The Bus Depot has one for $119, but you will / should buy the fiberglass rods for another $20 that allow you to make a “dome” top so the rain will run off and not pool in the center.

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