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Bed Issues

It seems like the back of the of the bed slopes and I couldn’t understand why.  Now I think that it might not have been assembled correctly.  You see, the back of the seat should rest on this part here….. one on each side.

Mine doesn’t reach, so that is the next project over the weekend of the 23rd.  It would be nice to get that fixed before the Cowpie Blues Festival.  Which is the next outing.

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New Grill

so this is my first mobile post….

I was at the mall today and saw the green Weber baby grill.  I thought to myself…. who the hell would..wait I would.  It matches the bus! I didn’t price it but I assume it is double the black ones.  Maybe some day when I get employed.

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Irish Hills

Had a great weekend camping!  Started off the trip on Thursday to get the bus all packed.  Found out my friend was playing at the Ball Joint in Battle Creek.  I’m not sure if I have heard ever him play with a valid ID….. man those were the days.  They sounded great and it was a real treat for me to see them.

Jim "Mouse" Klein

Friday we went to the Irish hills camping to a place called the Jado campground, which is a few miles east of the Michigan International Speedway. We had about 20 buses total which I understand was more than last year.  I heard about the event via flyer at the Buses by the Beach.

There were some folks there I met from the Dixie Bus event last year, which was very cool.  I’m beginning to see how a close community that us bus folks are!  They are the head of the Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Club, who hosts the show in Ypsilanti that I have wanted to attend.  Of course, I met many new folks as well.  It wasn’t long before the boys were part of a crew.  They spent the weekend at the marsh trying to catch frogs.  On Saturday the worlds largest slip and slide was erected for young and old alike to enjoy.  My back has been feeling pretty good lately, so I stood my some other folks, chatted with them and watched.

Saturday evening, we had popcorn, hotdogs, meat balls, a nice fire and band to entertain us. The guys traded off playing so we had music from about 5pm till dark.  One of the hosts was a long distance coach of the musicians, so they were willing to play for donation.

Sunday we had a community breakfast.  I was making blueberry cobbler, which I promptly burned.  At least some folks there knew I could actually make it.  Need to learn to cook over the fire.  I used charcoal last time.  It rained on breakfast, but that didn’t damped out spirits  we moved to cover and enjoyed the morning.  Can’t wait for the next trip!

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Changing the Oil

I needed to change the oil in the bus before the next trip, so I did some research on who used what oil and why.  What I discovered is that the government has made the motor oil producers to eliminate the Zinc and Phosphorus used to assist in extending the life of the motor.  This was done to extend the life of the catalytic converter.  Newer motors are now built so these materials are no longer necessary in the oil, but what is a person with a 30 to 40 year old motor to do?  What I learned is that there are a couple of choices.  One is to purchase ZZDP additive, or buy Brad Penn Oil.  This is the old Kendal 1 oil according to the man at Knapp Energy in Kalamazoo, where I purchased the oil.  Brad Penn was the consensus choice too.  I used 20W-50 in the bus because I noticed that when the engine was hot the oil light came on at idle.  The thicker oil took care of that issue.

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