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My Computer Crashed . . .

This really doesn’t have anything to do with buses….. or does it? Everything happened yesterday evening. my computer crashes, the shelf in the pantry crashed and someone stepped on Marilyn’s glasses. What I did lose was most of my bus stuff that I didn’t have blogged, which irritates me. That’s why I made this blog in the first place! Anyway the first thing i missed was the maintenance spreadsheet I found. This is autored by Andrew Samann and is located on Lovemybus website. There are some other useful excel tools too. This time, I think I’ll link the ones I want here too so they will not be lost.

VW Bus Supply / Tool Kit List – Adventurewagen / Edit by LoveMyBus

VW Bus Maint. Log Book – Andrew Samann (personalized for my use)

Gear Ratios – Ratwell / Edit by DjEep

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Not a ’63, but a ’64

So it has really been bothering me that I see some ’63 buses with a small rear window and some with the large rear window.  It seems that some time during the year, maybe in August, the ’64’s came out.  One of the changes was the rear window.  These buses were still registered as a ’63.  Not that we reallly care which rear window it has or whether it is a ’63 of ’64, but rather yet another interesting piece of VW history……. I bet some of you wish that you discovered that you were a year younger than you actually were

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The First Payment !

The first payment will finally go out tomorrow and we will own the bus! We are very excited. We sent along with the payment we sent a laminate sample for the cabinets and sample for the flooring. The sconces came in broken. The shade was detached from the lamp. The seller i going to send more, but I’m not sure if we will use them. The style rocks, but not sure how well the shades will hold up with the boyz. I found these lamps at Vintage Trailer Supply. They are not 100% what we want, but I think that they will do just fine.

Although mis-categorized, here is some fun stuff. This link will allow you to design your own bus! You can even print it and hang it on the wall!

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One Step Closer

We moved a couple of steps closer today in the adoption process. We signed the paperwork to receive the necessary capital. They have given us three days to change our minds. I suppose this is a good policy in case something happens but all it is doing for us is slowing the process as to when Woody can get started on the bus. Looks like Monday will be the soonest we can send the check. I’m glad he is being patient with us. I wish the process moved faster on this initial transaction. I feel like I am jerking him around.

On another positive note our sconces re-appeared on E-bay last night. Marilyn made me check with Woody first…. which I did and I bought them. $35.00 after it was all said and done. This is a lot cheaper that the original clamshells we THOUGHT we wanted. I say that because I did find a gentleman who was willing to sell me a set for $250.00! He says that is market value and given the supply of these babies, I suppose he is right. If / When we ever get a SO23 I may be interested, but now Ill leave them for the collector. We are happy with the ones we have. Read the rest of this entry »

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Volkswagens and Sex

I read an article this morning over coffee by a Bob Hoover. From what I understand, he is well known in the VW circle as a VW mechanic since 1956. His blog has a lot of useful VW info as well as other good stuff. So what does this have to do with sex you ask? Well Bob wrote an article comparing owning a VW and having sex. He says that some people have sex for pure enjoyment and don’t want to change the shitty diapers afterwards. This is compared to the person who buys a bus and never performs the proper maintenance and sells the bus after a couple of years. The deep question is what kind of a bus owner are you? The one who wants a quickey good time, or are you in it for the long haul and committed to changing shitty diapers and do the maintenance and have years of service from your bus…….. We are in this for the long haul 🙂

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Sconces . . . . The New Quest

Wow…. I had no idea that these things would be so difficult to find. It seems like everyone wants to sell you the “airplane” lights or the drab florescent lights. I would think someone other than Westfalia had some taste. What we are looking for is something in the same style as the 1960’s clamshell lights.

SO23 Style Sconce

There really isn’t much too them. Maybe we can find the clamshell and fabricate our own. We have searched the web over and so far come up empty. We have finally asked the folks on the samba for help. Hope that is fruitful.

I found some on E-bay a couple of weeks ago when we first started looking, but thought better of jumping on them since we just started looking. Now I’m kickin myself cuz I let them go. The price was great and the fit the bill. I have contacted the seller to see if there are more available. The ad stated that many were to be had.

E-bay Wall Lights

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Bus Tunes

I wasn’t going to do this, I even set up a special category, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find the justification to do anything. I am speaking of bus music. It has been a long time since I have had an opportunity to have a car without any tunes. Needless to say I’m kinda excited. I’m sure my pockets aren’t nearly deep enough to support what I’ll pick out, but what the hell.

So back to the justification thing, I was the buses on E-bay and found an add for a ’67 microbus from cars20thcentury he has some pretty nice buses for auction. His E-bay ad even has an audio clip of him describing the bus.

One of the selling points of this bus is the stereo inside . . well well…

 The bus has the unit mounted into the dash. I suppose it is alright if it fit the stock opening, but my guess is that it didn’t. Too bad… anyway these are the components per Mr. Hair.

Soundstream Reference 200 and Reference 300 Amp Speakers are JL which consists of 2 12 inch woofers, 4 5.25 inch midrange and 4 1.5 inch tweeters. Not much said about the Speaker Box in back other than here it is. The head unit is some sort of a Pioneer and there is a 12 CD changer under the rear seats.

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