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Leap into Sadie Hawkin’s Day!

sadie.jpgHey ya’ll! Marilyn here, Timmy usually puts up all the posts, but I thought I’d send you a Happy Leap Day story:) I had a dream we were cleaning Kermit the other nite, Timmy was outside spraying me with the hose, and I was inside Kermit, cleaning him up. Too surreal!

Anyway, so 4 Leap Year’s ago, I said to Timmy, “Hey, let’s get hitched!” he said yes, and on March 13 we will have been together for 12 years in the state of Illinois. For those of ya’ll who don’t know the history of Leap Year, in the south it is also known as Sadie Hawkin’s Day! That is the only day of the year that a woman can ask a man to be her’s and he must comply… well, that’s my interpretation, anyway!

So, if you’re a chick, and you’ve got a guy in mind that you want to ask out, or whatever, today’s your day:) Good luck, hope your’s turns out as fabulous as mine!



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Other Odds and Ends to Consider

Well we have Kermit…almost… as soon as the loan is processed, which should be next week. We need to start thinking about some of the other things that we need. Woody got the gas gauge to work, by sacrificing the sending unit from his own bus. We still need to fix the wipers, which minimally need the arms and blades. The motor is dead, but there is another with the bus…. hope it works. We also need a vent latch, and a side mirror. I have found the BusDepot and Wolfsburg West for parts. They are not too bad except if we need the wiper motor.

We also need to look into the leak by one of the rear tire that had some “oil” on it. This could either be a brake cylinder or something in the reduction gear box. This box lowers the gear ratio in the final gear.

Finally…. the most important thing is the stereo. My God, I have not looked at this stuff in a long time! A lot has changed since I put a stereo in my ’76 B*tchin’ Camero. No subwoofers then. Only some 6×9’s and maybe a equalizer / amp. This may even be a separate category.

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What Will The Interior Look Like??

We sent Woody some plans for the interior of the bus. We sent a scaled down version and the “ultimate” version.





One thing that was pointed out to us by Gene was the louvered vents in the back of the bus.


He questioned what what would keep out the cold. These louvers are unique to panel bus. We thought that this was a good question since it may still be a little chilly in spring and fall. Fortunately, we looked at another panel conversion and found that this is probably not an issue. You can either cover it as this person did, or put a cabinet over the louvers.



So with that Gene gave us his blessing on the bus. I do hope we cross paths with him at some point in time. He has been very patience with us and has given us a lots of good advice. – THANK YOU!


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Unique Volks and their Vdubs

Here are a couple of interesting VW’s I have come across over the weekend. The first one is a 1942 Schwimmwagen.

1942 Schwimmwagen

The VW-Schwimmwagen was an amphibious vehicle used extensively by the German Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS during the Second World War. It was mechanically based on the Kübelwagen (which in turn was based on the civilian Volkswagen, later known as a VW Beetle), and was produced by the Volkswagen factory at Wolfsburg, with the bodies (or rather hulls!) produced by Ambi Budd in Berlin. Erwin Komenda, Ferdinand Porsche’s first car body designer, developed the car body construction. Komenda patented his ideas for the swimming car at the German Patent office.

Ammo none
Armament none or 7.92mm MG34
Armor none
Crew 4
Engine VW Boxer 1131cc/4 cylinder/25hp
Fuel Capacity 2 x 25 litres
Height 1.615m (with the roof)
1.080m (with out the roof)
Length 3.825m
Range Road 520km
Cross Country km
Speed Road 80km/h
Water 10km/h
Weight 1362kg
Width 1.48m
This particular one is available on The Samba for a mere $150,000! But hey what would you expect to pay for a 2-seater amphibious vehicle complete with a machine gun and bullets!?
The second one is not a vintage bug but it does have a hellava boost to it by Ron Patrick
Jet Powered VW
The production engine is still operational to keep the car street legal.  With the jet propulsion,  the bug has ~ 1300hp.  Don’t try this at home.  Ron has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford.  What a great project!
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His Name is Kermit


We got a great review of the of the bus from our scouts. Their reports are as follows:

“It was very clean exterior, rode in it, it goes good, the engine is clean, not oily or gunky.

Underneath they crawled up under there, no heavy oil leaks or anything.

The right rear wheel, a little oil, could be the shock and or the brake. But, all the other wheels were clean. He said he’d check out the leaky one.

The inside is clean, all original side flip out windows, the interior glass looks good. He’s put all new rubber around them all and the doors. He’s got some inside trim around the inside doors too.

A firm believer in the laminate, rather than solid wood. They use laminate coated plyboard in the original construction. Has pics of Kermit before it had been redone.

One dent in the right rear end and some rust there, too. But, the floor pan and the frame and underneath, no rust looked very good. The heating worked.

He’s restored a lot of these, beetles, and busses for a good many years. He pretty well knows what the cabinets were like from the factory. H Has his birth certificate, date of its birth, date of mfg, etc. obtained from the orgi owner who had done some restoration. Has a bunch of pcs from original owner.

Woody seems to be a pretty nice fella, his business is cabinetry, and he does a nice job. He did a nice job on the one they drive around.

He didn’t see anything bad about it. He took ’em up the road, and it runs sweet. No misses, or roughness to it. Give it the gas and it shifted good, the gears sounded good. Tires were pretty decent, not brand new, but looked good.

Needs the windshield wiper, horn, fuel gauge.

All the glass was in good shape, no white spots, all the push buttons for opening the engine compartment seemed to work well. The previous owner had done a good bit of the restoration.

Opened the doors, looked for evidence of rust and there was none.

The guy before him had the engine rebuilt. The upholstery was in very good shape, the passenger seat had one little hole, but he said they’d fix it. There was some door trim areas and the overhead liner was missing. That he’ll put in to finish it off.

He’s not a mechanic, anything he has mechanically done, he goes to VW.

The passenger side mirror missing, only one hubcap on the vehicle, but he has the other 3. No draft latch on the passenger side is gone. Probably have to replace this; b’c you can’t latch it, it does leak water.

The door latched fine, getting in and out was easy.
The seat cushions were in good shape, and so was the vinyl. No seat belts. Didn’t make them in 1963.

After they drove around, they took the dipstick out and it didn’t smoke or smell hot. Look like the engine was kept pretty clean. Ran good. ”

His sidekick added ” Thinks the Oak would look good in Kermit, because of the color pretty lime green and creamy eggshell white.

It had boot scoot to it. Has a lot of potential.
Since he’s done so many of them, he really does know what he’s doing. He knows what was in there from the pictures. So, he could pretty much get it back to its original state.

We should ask him what he recommends to get it back to its original theme. And give us a figure on that. He does a lot for other people as far as the cabinets, so he’s just that kind of guy.

You might want to hop on it, b/c this is good deal.
It actually looks better in person than the pictures.
He didn’t lie about anything, he’s a good guy. And his wife was really sweet, too.

Get the windshield wipers & seatbelts & the horn. Get a personal license plate: Kermit”

We are taking the above advice and are working on a final price. We have found out that the gas gauge works! Although we had decided that it would not be a deal killer. We were happy that the sending unit was good. That would have cause the motor and tank to be pulled to correct. The wipers and vent lock are a non issue. Those should be easy to fix.

The next step is to come up with some with some floor plans and Laminate samples. The floor plans are about finished. We have company in town this weekend, so the laminate may need to wait. Then we can begin negotiate the final price. The next challenge seems to be the quest for the sconces….. stay tuned.

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Did We Find One !?

We are very excited!  We may have found the family bus.  I don’t want to give too many details, or pics yet since it is not a done deal.  Besides we need to wait until 2/19 for Mercury Retrograde to pass before making any decisions.  I will say it it is a 1963 and we have some trusted folks with our checklist in hand to give the mechanicals the once over.  If that checks out we will discuss the custom interior cost and see if we can make a deal.  The only think that we will need to do is fix the wipers and put in some music.  Stay tuned for the outcome of the inspection…

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Before You Leave . . . . .

The more we lean about the bus community the more we are finding it is like one big family! In our quest for our bus we were advised to “print out an AIRS list” before we embark on any trip. Well, we scratched our heads trying to figure out what that exactly meant and finally asked the person what AIRS was. We found out that it is Air Cooled Internet Rescue Squad. These folks have volunteered to help in various ways to stranded VW motorists around the country including Alaska and Hawaii. One common theme I have noticed looking at the list is that these folks list what kind of beer they like….. again my kind of people…

My favorite beer is from a brewery in Kalamazoo Michigan…damn Illinois distributors screwed us so now I need to go to Michigan to get it….sorry I digress this is the wrong forum for that rant . . . Suffice to say Kalamazoo is on the way to Mom and Dad’s house, so all is not lost.

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We found our first fraudulent bus listing today. We found a 23 window Samba listed in New York for $4900.00! For those in the know…. the bus in this condition is 30k+. I showed this listing to Marilyn and was all excited. She noticed that the pictures had a Cardiff Classics watermark. We immediately went to their website and saw that indeed Cardiff was selling the same bus in an auction. Marilyn called Cardiff to alert them what was going on.  The man at Cardiff thanked us and all three of us flagged the Craig’s list posting.  He gave us some more tips on how to buy a bus.  Have the people call us and makesure the caller ID matches the person, have them send a pic of their driver’s license and registration to make sure they match, and finally have a third party mechanic look at the bus.

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Wakarusa Music & Camping

We’re on this great list called the Buskatiers, and several of them posted a cool upcoming musical extravaganza called Wakarusa, 6/5-6/8 this year, which is a Native American word meaning “Ass-deep”. Its held in the Lawrence Kansas area, and refers to the Wakarusa River, which, oddly enough, is about “ass-deep” in depth. Too funny! This sounds right up our alley, we love this kind of camping.

I used to attend the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, aka MichFest 8/5-1/10 this year, with the kids, camping and music for a solid week was fabulous! And back in the day, when I lived in Austin, we attended South by Southwest, aka SXSW 3/7-3/16 this year, then when we moved to Chicago and got married on 3/13/96 we traveled back for our honeymoon:)

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What Will We Do?

As folks are planning their 2008 camping season, we are beginning to see some of the activities that they have planned. I have spent hours visiting websites, reading reports, and looking at pictures. How did we find all of these events? Well, we belong to the following Yahoo groups: Ohio Valley Tribe, Westfalia, WetWesties, and Buskatiers (which isn’t a yahoo group). Finally and certainly not least is The Samba!

The event that I just finished exploring is a event called BusFusion this event is being held in Altmont, Ontario, which is on the Mississippi River scheduled for the middle of June. This looks like a lot of fun. They have a jam session, swap meet and Arts and Craft sales by the participants. Something like this could motivate me to do more with my photography. We probably won’t make this year as we have a tentative plan for Yellowstone Park with some neighbors.

Another one I looked at was BBB (Buses by the Bridge), this event was in mid-Jan in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. This looks like a lot of fun, too. Look at the photos from this trip and you will find a very cool bus interior. Marilyn is in love with this one.

And the final one for today is the VW Buses N Boat Bash.  This trip features a 6 mile canoe trip on the Little Miami River just North of Cincinnati and hosted by the Full Moon Bus Club. The thing that is the most amazing about these places are that they are all in small towns, which personally I like.  I have some more I’ll write about later.  I have a migraine that is asking me to shut down . . . .

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