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I’m Still Here . .

Been a long time since I have added anything to the blog.  In fact it was Taylor’s birthday.  Things have not been well and thought that Kermit would need to be sold.  Between the divorce and lack of employment I was really concerned.  The divorce came through without me having to sell the old boy.  The employment situation isn’t much better, but the house has sold.  Could be I’ll be living in the bus this summer.  That might not be all bad.  I have money from selling the house, so I could live for a few years.  Kermit is once again in Michigan in the barn for the winter.  The engine is still back firing with the new vacuum can.  I did find a leak between the manifold and the carb that may be causing the problem.  I’ll get that fixed before I get on the road.  This year if I can raise the money, I would like to get the RGB rebuilt and wipers.  I’ll finish with the windows and Dad will help me fix the interior and hopefully the windshield.  Not sure how much Ill use it, I will try to make another OVT function.  These are great people and realy enjoyed the company.


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