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Happy Easter


Went home over the weekend to visit Kermit.  Put the new signal switch on and it did help matters at all.  I still have both tail lights flashing when when I turn right.  I blew a fuse and went up to the local NAPA dealer for a fuse.  One of my friends offered to give me a labor discount if he could drive the bus around town!  Replaced the fuse and started looking closer at the wiring and a piece broke off the fuse block.  That needs replacing.  Then I got to thinking . . .  hey . . .  I don’t have the ground strap connected under the bus.  Of course I didn’t think about that until last night after I was already home.  AND the speedo cable broke.  On the highside, the he started right up and ran like a top!  I think Ill go back in May and bring him back home for the summer.  Dad is going to put some tinted glass in the windshield and Ill rebuild the windows.

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Almost That Time of Year

Well, I still have not made it to an Illinois function yet.  They had the annual swap meet in Wheaton on the 28th, but I was here in Sunny Texas.  Not that it was a bad thing the weather is great (mid 70’s) AND . . .  I did get to go to my first official sanctioned VW event!  The Southwest Championship Bug In at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, TX.  They had Drag races, swap meet and a car show.  Too bad I don’t know how to use my digital camera…. all my pics are over exposed, but here are a couple . . .  It was a great time… a lot of cool cars and buses.  It was a bit of a drive from Ft Worth, but it was well worth the trip.  Not a s many folks as I expected, but a great time




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