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I found this 1958 bug on the Samba. It is in Roanoke Va for $10800. The starred in the movie “All American Murder” with Christopher Walken . . .  and . . .  directed by Potsi!  Not that all of that matters I just want the car since it appears to be related to my bug . . . .   although I have been told the new bugs are nothing more than an Audi



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Things to do in the Spring or Things to Buy in the Winter

Two postings in one day!?  Well I want to keep these posts seperate.  I will keep adding to this post throughout the winter as I find more information on my projects. Other that the motor rebuild, which I’m not confident will be done this winter, I want to fix the turn signals and the heat!

So first the heat.  I need some flexable heat tubes, cables, and a heater pipe. Mine is made from PVC.  Not so good that is a good idea to have since it can cause cancer.  I need to look a little closer at it.  I did find a place that will make one called Klassic Fab in South Florida. Ill keep looking too.  I want to go down to Wadsworth’s to see if he has any old busses in the junk yard I can find parts from too.

Next the windows.  The air was coming from the back that blew out the plastic.  I’ll have dad take a look, but I think the will need new mechanics.  Looks like Dyer’s RV may have some I can use.  Il have to check wht I have next time I get back to Michigan, now that I have my sporty new Nikon P80!

turn signal switch . . .  I can”t think the wiring is bad cuz they worked before and I have not done anything to the wiring, so I’m thinking maybe it’s the switch.  I found one at eisparts What I liked is the picture that illustrates how the canceler is positioned.


I definatley need a roof rack.  If I could get the stuff out of the back of the bus, I might be able to see out of the back window!  Wolfsburg has a nice one for $344.56 shipped!


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Made it to Michigan

I just realized that I have not reported on the trip back to Michigan over Thanksgiving. The plastic lasted until I got to about 30 miles an hour, then the draft started. That was so bad, it was my feet that froze. The heater I bought emitted about as much heat as one does when they exhale, so that wasn’t much good. I wasn’t sure on how the mileage was. I had to leave early (Friday) to go to Indy for a work crisis. I didn’t even a picture of Kermit in the barn. Oh well we’ll be going back over Christmas and I’ll get one then

The bottom line is .  . . I made the trip without incident!

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