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Engine Notes

I’m trying to dig deeper into this poor mileage thing I got going on.  Last week I checked the tune-up and the Dwell was 26 and the timing was also correct.  I checked the plugs and they were pretty black.  I assume that was due to the fact the carb was running rich before it was rebuilt.  I cleaned the plugs and reinstalled.  I have been driving Kermit to work every Wednesday so I have a place to park when I get home.  I filled up last Wednesday and my mileage was almost 15mpg, a 3 mpg increase. The next thing is to adjust the valves.  I am very nervous about this since it is the first time doing this.  I still have not decided if I will take it to Stanley or not.  I need to minimally have him verify the work.  I have not checked the compression as I’m afraid what it will tell me.  The motor is running strong and I don’t have any money to rebuild a motor right now.  I found some good articles on the CB Performance page they have a series of articles on how to build a 40mpg motor called PROJECT MILEAGE MOTOR.  Of course it was a bug, but i”ll mark the page and see how it will apply to the bus.

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