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My Computer Crashed . . .

This really doesn’t have anything to do with buses….. or does it? Everything happened yesterday evening. my computer crashes, the shelf in the pantry crashed and someone stepped on Marilyn’s glasses. What I did lose was most of my bus stuff that I didn’t have blogged, which irritates me. That’s why I made this blog in the first place! Anyway the first thing i missed was the maintenance spreadsheet I found. This is autored by Andrew Samann and is located on Lovemybus website. There are some other useful excel tools too. This time, I think I’ll link the ones I want here too so they will not be lost.

VW Bus Supply / Tool Kit List – Adventurewagen / Edit by LoveMyBus

VW Bus Maint. Log Book – Andrew Samann (personalized for my use)

Gear Ratios – Ratwell / Edit by DjEep

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Before You Leave . . . . .

The more we lean about the bus community the more we are finding it is like one big family! In our quest for our bus we were advised to “print out an AIRS list” before we embark on any trip. Well, we scratched our heads trying to figure out what that exactly meant and finally asked the person what AIRS was. We found out that it is Air Cooled Internet Rescue Squad. These folks have volunteered to help in various ways to stranded VW motorists around the country including Alaska and Hawaii. One common theme I have noticed looking at the list is that these folks list what kind of beer they like….. again my kind of people…

My favorite beer is from a brewery in Kalamazoo Michigan…damn Illinois distributors screwed us so now I need to go to Michigan to get it….sorry I digress this is the wrong forum for that rant . . . Suffice to say Kalamazoo is on the way to Mom and Dad’s house, so all is not lost.

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