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What Else !?

Well . . . .  I tried everything I could do to get the belt to stay on the pulleys and finally gave up.  Kermit would not idle either, so I decided to get him back to Grace.  I’m running out of time to get him back to Michigan before snow flys.  Even before that, the heat isn’t hooked up either. I will try to get one side connected, but I am rather leary of the PVC pipe that will transport the heat to the front of the bus.  Well after I got the bus back from Stanley, I found out that my depth perception isn’t so good.  He told me that the altenator was a half inch too long and the crankcase pulley was warped (I did see that).  I took the alternator from the old motor because it was 12 volts and the one on the bug motor was 6 volts. He rebuilt the carb and connected the retard side of the vaccum.  That motor has never ran so good and quiet.  Marilyn noticed that the left tail light was out.  This morning I decided to have a look.  The bulb is bad so I figured I would go to the Autozone and get the bulb, an airfilter and a new flasher.  I got up to the four way stop and the break pedal went to the floor and the bus wouldn’t stop.  I got it turned around and got him home.  I looked at the brake fluid and it was dry.  For some reason I had some in the garage and filled it up.  The brakes were better, so we went to Windy City Muffler and Alex told me that the wheel cylinder is leaking.  So . .  he is ordering one.  He crimpped the hose so it would not leak anymore and really the brakes work better that they ever have.  Not sure what else can go wrong . . . .  .

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Posted by on November 1, 2008 in Maintenance


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