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Camp Cooking

This is something else I can’t wait to do. Not sure if I mentioned this before but I love sitting in the backyard smoking…… a slab of meat that is . . . What I would really like is something like this

Not sure how practical this would be on the back of a bus or even if the cost is is right, but it sure is cool. One thing I am going to learn is dutch oven cooking. I remember when I was a kid, we belonged to a club called the Damp Campers . . . what a dumb name it was nothing but a hex, but we still had a good time… anyway…. Mr. Smith used to make the best peach cobbler in the world in one of those things. I want to do the same. Dad said he still has one that we could have. All Ill need to do is get a tripod for other recipes. Well of course I got on the internet and did some searching and I found Byron’s Dutch Oven Recipes….. yes it was the first Google hit, but I like it cuz it’s it is a personal page and not some conglomo corporate page on dutch ovens. Finally what camp out would be complete without hobo pies. I love these as much as I did as a kid. I like the cast iron ones the best. I have seen the aluminum ones melt.

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