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Basement / Garage Fridge

Not even sure if this is for sale or not.  It was a facebook post.  I still want one!


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My Next Camping Grill

The Buseque is a cool grill from the UK, while it’s a little pricy ($400), I still have to have one!


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Electrical Problems Back / Bug In

It started with an intermittent right tail light, now things are back to where they were originally.  I think Ill take Kermit to this guy in Evanston to get this straightened out once and for all.  I have a suspicion that it may be the light switch.  We’ll see.  I also orderd a wheel and jack for a spare for our upcoming trips in August.  Last weekend I went to the Bug-In at Fox Valley VW it seemed like it took for ever to get out there, but it was fun.  I may enter Kermit next time, or maybe even Gonzo.  Either one would have fared as good as any other. I have found this week I have become hooked on Karman Ghia’s.  Maybe some day.  They are still affordable. I saw this one at the Bug-In.  Not really a Beatles fan, but I find this one unique.


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The First Payment !

The first payment will finally go out tomorrow and we will own the bus! We are very excited. We sent along with the payment we sent a laminate sample for the cabinets and sample for the flooring. The sconces came in broken. The shade was detached from the lamp. The seller i going to send more, but I’m not sure if we will use them. The style rocks, but not sure how well the shades will hold up with the boyz. I found these lamps at Vintage Trailer Supply. They are not 100% what we want, but I think that they will do just fine.

Although mis-categorized, here is some fun stuff. This link will allow you to design your own bus! You can even print it and hang it on the wall!

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What Will The Interior Look Like??

We sent Woody some plans for the interior of the bus. We sent a scaled down version and the “ultimate” version.





One thing that was pointed out to us by Gene was the louvered vents in the back of the bus.


He questioned what what would keep out the cold. These louvers are unique to panel bus. We thought that this was a good question since it may still be a little chilly in spring and fall. Fortunately, we looked at another panel conversion and found that this is probably not an issue. You can either cover it as this person did, or put a cabinet over the louvers.



So with that Gene gave us his blessing on the bus. I do hope we cross paths with him at some point in time. He has been very patience with us and has given us a lots of good advice. – THANK YOU!


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Engine & Gears

I’m feeling kinda bad that we didn’t work on this yesterday…. I need not get too anal about his…Marilyn is going to finish the campers so I moved on. I feel like I need to understand the different engines, gears, and such. We see a lot of ads with terms such as “highway gears” so we can cruise at 70mph. Very confusing. I did do some research and found that buses after 1963 will cruise at 65mph. I’m ok with that. It is the 6 volt thing that worries me. Not from the VW side just entrainment point of view. We are 12 volt dependent. From the ipod, to the stereo. We have heard of converting to 12v, but then that takes a different transmission, so is that compatible?

One thing that is a concern to us is the fact that these things are historically bad for heat. Not that we will be doing any winter traveling, but there may be some early and late trips no Mississippi. I found this page, which was resurrected from WayBackMachine, (which is a cool page too.) We found this on, this page is incredible. It has a wealth of information and I’m sure the answer to all of our questions. Anyway . . . . We hope this procedure works. It looks like it’s the real deal. Anyway it has put our minds at ease that heat will not be as difficult as it was when we used to ride in VW’s. We know everyone has a COLD VW story.

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