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Another Snowy Day in Chicago

Another 3 to 5 inches today 😦 Maybe I’ll get to play with the snowblower later. Yesterday on the Vintage Bus list, we were discussing snow and Volkswagen adverts. I thought I’d share . . .  to bad they use salt here.  I would love to take this pic with Kermit!


So anyway it doesn’t look like this can be read so allow me:

A beautiful day to own a Volkswagen Station Wagon

On Monday January 24, 1966, an estimated 262,825,033.74 tons of snow fell upon the United States of America.  In Fraser Colorado, a VW Station Wagon that stood out for days in temperatures of 25 below, started up without a tremble.  In Scarsdale, a lonely VW was blazing a trail to the commuter station.  In Albany, a VW took 8 angry neighbors down to the local service station for 8 sets of chains.  In Moline, a VW woman was the first in line at the A&P Steak Sale.  Up in Boston, a group of college kids were finding our how many toboggans they could stuff into 170 cubic feet of VW space.  A Milwaukee junior hockey team won its game by default.  On Monday January 24, 1966 not too may Volkswagens were sold in the United States. . . . . . On Tuesday, things picked up.


How does a German snowplow driver get to work?


Will she start?

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