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Our First Planned Bus Event

We finally found our first sanctioned bus event to attend this year.  It is called Dixie Bus and it is held in Mount Vernon Ohio.  The Ohio Valley Tribe is sponsoring this event the date is Aug 7 to 10 at the Rustic Knolls Campground. This is a short run from Chicago only about 375 miles taking the secondary roads.  We have decided this is they way to go since folks drive 80 mph in Chicago.  There is also a music festival during the same time called the Daniel Decatur Emmett Music FestivalMr. Emmett wrote the classics Dixie, Old Dan Tucker, Blue Tail Fly and Turkey in the Straw. . .  and as you may have guessed….. he hailed from Mt. Vernon Ohio.

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What Will We Do?

As folks are planning their 2008 camping season, we are beginning to see some of the activities that they have planned. I have spent hours visiting websites, reading reports, and looking at pictures. How did we find all of these events? Well, we belong to the following Yahoo groups: Ohio Valley Tribe, Westfalia, WetWesties, and Buskatiers (which isn’t a yahoo group). Finally and certainly not least is The Samba!

The event that I just finished exploring is a event called BusFusion this event is being held in Altmont, Ontario, which is on the Mississippi River scheduled for the middle of June. This looks like a lot of fun. They have a jam session, swap meet and Arts and Craft sales by the participants. Something like this could motivate me to do more with my photography. We probably won’t make this year as we have a tentative plan for Yellowstone Park with some neighbors.

Another one I looked at was BBB (Buses by the Bridge), this event was in mid-Jan in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. This looks like a lot of fun, too. Look at the photos from this trip and you will find a very cool bus interior. Marilyn is in love with this one.

And the final one for today is the VW Buses N Boat Bash.  This trip features a 6 mile canoe trip on the Little Miami River just North of Cincinnati and hosted by the Full Moon Bus Club. The thing that is the most amazing about these places are that they are all in small towns, which personally I like.  I have some more I’ll write about later.  I have a migraine that is asking me to shut down . . . .

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