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Wow did I get schooled Saturday.  Woody sent us some pictures of the inside of the bus and asked what we wanted to do with the upper vents in the bus.  Well we want then sealed, but I thought I would consult the experts on The Samba boy . . . .  I didn’t get the answer I was looking for.  Folks couldn’t get past the pink insulation.  I was basically told to pull that stuff out and use something else.  The pink insulation would absorb moisture from condensation and rust the bus.  So what do I do?  Well the general consensus was to use a product called dynamat, which is pretty expensive.  Another company suggested using dynamat and an insulation cover.  They even had “kits” for the bus . . .  at the tune of almost $800.00.  That is a little rich for my blood.  So after two days straight of research we found the dynamat knock off at mcmaster-carr for half the price and reflextix insulation at Loew’s.  al for around $200.00.  I love it when research works!

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