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First Trip . . . Just a short one

Well . .  .  I took the Kermit over to football practice yesterday and I noticed a growling noise in the front end.  Come to think about it, it was there on the trip back from Georgia.  After following the process outlined by Muir on the tracking down the noise, it appears that the wheel bearings are bad.  I have to go to New Jersey next week for work, so I’ll order the parts and have them here when I get back. On a side note, I will be going to South Plainfield.  On Kermit’s title, the previous owner before Woody lived in Plainfield….maybe I’ll drive by.  If I have enough nerve, maybe I’ll stop.  Back on topic, I’m a very visual person and sometimes I just don’t understand what I’m reading until I become more familar with the topic.  Speciffically auto mechanics.  The Itinerant Air-Cooled Forum, which is a spin off of the samba, has an execellent tutorial on repacking the wheel bearings.  I will definitely be using this wonderful reference in my next endevour.  part 1 and part 2.

Now as far as parts are concerned, I’m hoping that the Bus-Boys are open today.  For the millions of people who follow every post of this blog, will remember that Kermit is a 1964, but registered as a 1963.  I need to speak with Walter there to make sure I get the right parts.  His parts page lists bearings through 1963 and 1964 – 67.  If not I’ll have to do it on Monday.  It probably won’t matter as we are having a carwash fundraiser next Saturday and Certification for football on Sunday.  Probably not a lot of time to work ont he bus anyway.

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