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Wheel Bearing Replacement

I found that only the driver side bearing was making noise, so last Sunday I began the job of changing.  I may have only needed to adjust the bearings, but since they were making noise, I decided to change them.  Everything was going well until I didn’t un-fold the bottom of the locking washer off the nut and tried ro remove the outter nut.  My the locking plate rest in piece . . .  DAMN.  I thought about buying 2 when I bought the bearings, but no sense of wasting an additional $0.80 on new locking plates.  So almost a week later (Friday), I’m hoping the part arrives. I so hope to get the bearings adjusted today and drive it next week.  We want to take to the Bean Blossom Blue, Brew, and BBQ festival next weekend in Nashville Indiana.  The part did in fact come (Saturday Now) and I got the wheel bearings on, but the wheel was still making noise, so I took it to my mechanic at Windy City Muffler.  He looked and said that that theonly issue was that I didn’t have them tight enough.  He tightened them up and I was happy and was on my way.  So when I got home I loaded up Marilyn and the boys and we were on our way to football.  The bus started running real rough and before long the temp light came on.  I pulled over and discovered that three of the four plug wires were loose.  Won’t go to B&G again. I have an appointment at a real VW mechanic on Wednesday. I really don’t think there is anything too wrong, I did notice that all of a sudden it was hard to shift.  Il try to understand that this weekend.

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