Getting Ready for Summer

12 May

Well . . .  I thought I was going to bring Kermit back home today, but I just can’t get the electrical right.  I may have made matters worse 😦 .  I had everything working and the bus wouldn’t start.  DAMN . . . novoltage to the coil.  I saw the the coil wire the the ignition was not connected.  When I connected it . . . POOF. .  a little smoke.  I discovered that the coil wire from the coil was on the wrong fuse.  I corrected that and everything was fine… well except that when the lights are on, so are the brake lights…. of corse no break lights and the right turn signal doesn’t work.  With the lights off the right signal in the rear is realy the flashers . . .  Dragola . . .  BUT.  I did find a guy in Coldwater that has experience in VW electrical work, so I left the bus with him.  The good thing though is when I did take him out, he ran strong at 50 / 55 mph (according to GPS).  The speedo cable broke so when the electrical is fixed, I’ll replace it.  Another positive note is that I got the wiper moter going.  Just tok it apart and worked the armature for a while, but when I connected the wires . . . POOF . . . Hopefully Pete will get me going again.

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