25 Jan

I started to put this under my checklist for things to do in the spring, but the post is getting a little long, so I’ll start a new one.  I was in Michigan this weekend and Dad and I were moving cars around in the barn and I was showing him my window problems.  He has been in the auto glass business for 50 yrs and we built up a couple of cans in the 70’s so he is my glass expert.  I showed him the Windshield where it was leaking and he recommended new rubber since it was probably hard.  That is pretty easy to get.  It is about $17.00 each.  I also noticed that one of my other windows were loose.  Most of the mechanics stripped and they also need new seals.  I have found out that the windows used are Hehr L 2186.  These were used in non- Westfalia in the US during the 50’s through the 60’s.


It looks like the rubber and gasket isn’t too bad.  I have found it so far at the Vintage Trailer Supply. Has the molding for $24.99 for 24ft.  They also have the backframe gasket,  24 ft for $39.00, Il need 2 of those. 😦  . Then the mechanism  These are 7 inches, but I need to measure since they are different lenghts.  Not sure why I didn’t do that this weekend.  Then finally the mechanisms are $17.95 a piece.  Then finally the little nylon slides at $3.95. . . .  So for $235 plus shipping I can get these fixed.  Not too bad I guess.

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