Motor Update

11 Aug

We decided to keep the old motor.  Gene, my mentor says I need a learner motor to build.  I agree and Il have a fresh motor ready.  It has been slow getting parts, then I went and ordered the wong gasket for the pre-heater tubes.  That was all I needed to begin putting the bus back together.  Damn another 2 weeks to wait.  As fate would have it, the wait would not be that long.  I was summoned to San Diego to meet with one of our customers.  I knew there had to be a place there I could find my gaskets.  Sure enough the San Diego yellowpages yelded a establishment called The Volkswagen Repair Specialists, or BRU Automotive as they answered the phone. They are located at 5625 El Cajon Blvd (no website) and if I lived in San Diego they would be my one stop shop.They had new parts and used parts.  It was so refreshing to walk into the store and get the part I needed . . . . . .

So Sunday morning it was putting the bus back together.  The first thing was to derermine how to add the thermostat and air vanes . I figured out how to mount the thermostat and how to install the vanes.  I used the reference from Rob and Dave’s Air-Cooled Volkswagen Pages I thought that I was missing a part and put it all back together without the thermostat.  Then realized, I was wrong.  Ill make sue it gets on the re-build.

Everything else was going good until it came to the Gland Nut.  Muir shows a guy with a 6 ft poll torqueing the nut.  I did too and ended up putting 600lbs on a 220lb nut.  Took another week to get a new one.  The motor is back together and in the bus.  Got it all tuned up and ready to start.  We all had our fingers crossed and when I turned the key . . . . . .  nothing.  Just a click.  We bypassed the solenoid and the tried to start the bus.  Still no go, but we have good compression and spark.  Marilyn has been buggng me for a key to the bus, so I gave her the screw driver and told her that was her key.  I expect her to get under the bus and start 🙂  for some reason she failed to see the humor in that.

What I did find out is that the starter is bad.  I measured the voltage on the wire going to the solenoid and with the key turned on it read 12.5 vdc.  When I reconnected the wire, the voltage dropped to 8.4 vdc.  I also noticed that I blew a 25 am fuse when I hit the key.  One more oddity.  I didn’t realize that there were different color fuses for different amperage ratings.  I thought they were like Buss fuses (no pun intended) with the rating stamped on the side of the fuse.  Nope… in my fuse box I have all 16 amp fuses.  Not sure what that will bring when I install the proper value . . .  Oh well with any luck Kermit may be running this weekend.

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