Dressing Kermit Up

05 May

There are a couple of accessories that we feel are a must for Kermit. The first is an awning. I remember the canvas ones that we had on our travel trailer when I was a kid that would leak and bow with too much water. Then we got a vinyl one that we could lower one arm during the rain and wash our hair under it. I don’t think we want something like that on Kermit, and I’m not sure I want a circus tent either…. but who knows Marilyn likes them and I may get out voted. Right now I see only nylon ones. I like these. They are light weight and will provide shade and some protection from light rain. The first one I found was from a place called The Bus Shelter. I like these because they have multiple holes around the out side of the nylon for different configurations. They are £110 which is ~$220 plus shipping.. . today. The way things are going it wil be $250 soon . . .

UPDATE: We received a shipping quote today . . . £60.00…. more than half the price of the awning. Although . . . Jane mentioned that I could get the adjustable poles here in the US and just get the awning material and accessories from them and possibly reduce the cost of the awning . . . .

The Bus Depot has one for $119, but you will / should buy the fiberglass rods for another $20 that allow you to make a “dome” top so the rain will run off and not pool in the center.

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