One Step Closer

10 Mar

We moved a couple of steps closer today in the adoption process. We signed the paperwork to receive the necessary capital. They have given us three days to change our minds. I suppose this is a good policy in case something happens but all it is doing for us is slowing the process as to when Woody can get started on the bus. Looks like Monday will be the soonest we can send the check. I’m glad he is being patient with us. I wish the process moved faster on this initial transaction. I feel like I am jerking him around.

On another positive note our sconces re-appeared on E-bay last night. Marilyn made me check with Woody first…. which I did and I bought them. $35.00 after it was all said and done. This is a lot cheaper that the original clamshells we THOUGHT we wanted. I say that because I did find a gentleman who was willing to sell me a set for $250.00! He says that is market value and given the supply of these babies, I suppose he is right. If / When we ever get a SO23 I may be interested, but now Ill leave them for the collector. We are happy with the ones we have.

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