Sconces . . . . The New Quest

02 Mar

Wow…. I had no idea that these things would be so difficult to find. It seems like everyone wants to sell you the “airplane” lights or the drab florescent lights. I would think someone other than Westfalia had some taste. What we are looking for is something in the same style as the 1960’s clamshell lights.

SO23 Style Sconce

There really isn’t much too them. Maybe we can find the clamshell and fabricate our own. We have searched the web over and so far come up empty. We have finally asked the folks on the samba for help. Hope that is fruitful.

I found some on E-bay a couple of weeks ago when we first started looking, but thought better of jumping on them since we just started looking. Now I’m kickin myself cuz I let them go. The price was great and the fit the bill. I have contacted the seller to see if there are more available. The ad stated that many were to be had.

E-bay Wall Lights

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