Bus Tunes

01 Mar

I wasn’t going to do this, I even set up a special category, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find the justification to do anything. I am speaking of bus music. It has been a long time since I have had an opportunity to have a car without any tunes. Needless to say I’m kinda excited. I’m sure my pockets aren’t nearly deep enough to support what I’ll pick out, but what the hell.

So back to the justification thing, I was the buses on E-bay and found an add for a ’67 microbus from cars20thcentury he has some pretty nice buses for auction. His E-bay ad even has an audio clip of him describing the bus.

One of the selling points of this bus is the stereo inside . . well well…

 The bus has the unit mounted into the dash. I suppose it is alright if it fit the stock opening, but my guess is that it didn’t. Too bad… anyway these are the components per Mr. Hair.

Soundstream Reference 200 and Reference 300 Amp Speakers are JL which consists of 2 12 inch woofers, 4 5.25 inch midrange and 4 1.5 inch tweeters. Not much said about the Speaker Box in back other than here it is. The head unit is some sort of a Pioneer and there is a 12 CD changer under the rear seats.

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Posted by on March 1, 2008 in Fun Stuff


One response to “Bus Tunes

  1. joe larsen

    March 17, 2008 at 7:44 am

    The only song that should be playing is The Who’s “MAGIC BUS”!


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