Decisions….. Decisions

02 Feb

This is beginning to get a little harder. We are finding many buses in our price range that have bench seats without any camping interior, or no interior at all. I have spoken with Woody (I need a kitchen too) and he mentioned that he is a custom cabinet maker and could build an interior for our potential bus. We also spoke to a gentleman in Denver with a nice bus without an interior. He mentioned that we could buy a camper box from some of the businesses that advertise in the back of VolksWorld magazine. Marilyn set out to find this magazine yesterday.

She found it….. it is a UK magazine….. $8.75 a copy and it is November’s issue! I really appreciate Barnes and Noble giving us a discount on a publication that is 4 months old!

Well, I looked through the ‘zine and it was very interesting if your thing is Bugs. There was only ONE bus in the issue. There were a few more advertisements for buses and campers, but I did not find what I was looking for as far as a Westy Camper Box. Although that isn’t completely true I found that VolksWorld has a separate ‘zine dedicated to buses and campers. We will begin our quest for that ‘zine next. The subscription is a little tall ($50 / yr) until we have a look at one. I suppose that was the ‘zine that the gentleman from Denver was referring to


Wow…. I just found another ‘zine… called Volkswagen Camper & Commercial. This ‘zine is by David Eccles who also wrote the book VW Camper – The Inside Story mentioned earlier. What a bonus! Now I have two ‘zines to look for. If anyone…. really reads this… we would be interested in other ‘zines….. we are very hungry for information

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