Engine & Gears

29 Jan

I’m feeling kinda bad that we didn’t work on this yesterday…. I need not get too anal about his…Marilyn is going to finish the campers so I moved on. I feel like I need to understand the different engines, gears, and such. We see a lot of ads with terms such as “highway gears” so we can cruise at 70mph. Very confusing. I did do some research and found that buses after 1963 will cruise at 65mph. I’m ok with that. It is the 6 volt thing that worries me. Not from the VW side just entrainment point of view. We are 12 volt dependent. From the ipod, to the stereo. We have heard of converting to 12v, but then that takes a different transmission, so is that compatible?

One thing that is a concern to us is the fact that these things are historically bad for heat. Not that we will be doing any winter traveling, but there may be some early and late trips no Mississippi. I found this page, which was resurrected from WayBackMachine, (which is a cool page too.) We found this on, this page is incredible. It has a wealth of information and I’m sure the answer to all of our questions. Anyway . . . . We hope this procedure works. It looks like it’s the real deal. Anyway it has put our minds at ease that heat will not be as difficult as it was when we used to ride in VW’s. We know everyone has a COLD VW story.

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